What Lies Beneath?

Hot Tub

Hot Tub Hell

So, You decide a hot tub would be a great thing to have to relax after a long day of work. Turn on that switch and let the hot bubbles massage your achy muscles. Well, that is very nice but after a while you just realize you don’t use it any more. So, the water turns green and it becomes neglected. Now what?

Either you move and let the next owners deal with the new expensive cesspool or you yourself decide to remove it. In most cases hot tub owners, property owners, and realtors call us. J & H Junk Removal if you are in Flagler County.

Joe and I have removed our share of these lovely pools of wonder. Most of the time they are filled with green water, either from not chlorinating it or from rain. So, unplug and drain. No problem.

Now removing is done by removing the outside wood, then cutting away at various parts, removing motors and other parts. Many times it gets cut in half or quarters. This is time consuming but that is fine. The thing about above ground hot tubs that sit outside in the wild life.

Usually we encounter an array of bugs and frogs. The last one we did, shown above had no frogs unfortunately. There was a reason for that.

Yes, we came across spiders, roaches, and in Florida our roaches are politely called Palm Meadow bugs, This makes them seem like some pretty insect. Lets call it what it is, its a frigging cockroach. and in extra large with wings. Yes these buggers fly. roachYes, Yuck.

But that isn’t the worst by far. Doing what I do I’m used to insects. even the ant nest we found. antsAt least once a day I say, “I Hate Ants!!!”

now we got spiders, roaches and ants. Oh, did I mention the scorpion?


Joe even found a rats nest (No rats thank goodness.) So, now we lift the whole hot tub to turn it upside-down. “Holy Crap!” Yes, there is the reason there are no frogs or rats. a four foot snake slithered frantically out from the underside of the hot tub. No clue what kind and for me they are all poisonous.


Okay, roaches, Spiders, scorpions, ants, a big snake. Oh I almost forgot the two wasp nests. one of them was active. Joe is allergic too. wasp nest

So, not to make you feel creepy or anything, (well a little bit) but next time you are relaxing in that above ground hot tub in the outdoors of Florida think about what lies beneath.







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