Where Does It Go?

my first blog on J & H Junk Removal

J & H Junk Removal






Where Does This Go?

Heidi Tassone

I was wondering what to write about in my first public blog on our webpage. Well, what do people ask about? Where does this go?

That all depends on what we pick up. Our primary pick up is construction materials, whether it be tiles, paint cans, counter-tops, toilets, sheet-rock, etc. These types of materials almost always are brought to the landfill. I’m sorry, but it pretty much has to.

Furniture, if in decent condition, is donated to local charities. Being a small business in Flagler county, we know quite a few. I prefer to keep it small and for very good causes, not that the bigger charities aren’t good causes, but if I can personally touch the animals in the humane society, or a family in Christmas Come True, or a kitty in Flagler Cats, we will.


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