Shed Removal


Tearing down the shed

Hello my dear friends.

Many people ask about our business. You would be surprised what actually goes into it. Case in point, this shed. Here we have a shed in good condition except for vandalism. In other words, it is solid with no rot, no termite damage, and not falling apart. The owner rents the duplex. So for safety issues he wanted it gone, along with other junk the previous tenants left in the house and garage. Rainbow garage Before002 012 060 061

There was more.The junk removal from the property didn’t take too long, however removing an entire wood, solid shed is another story. We have to remove the roof first and foremost for safety issues.006

Then slowly take the rest of the shed apart. We take each piece and carry, or in this case, drag it to the front and onto our trailer. Now we have the foundation. In this case it was not concrete.  019020032


Of course, all of this needs to be disposed of properly which is something we pay for. Not free for us.

After three days, we finally have the owners property cleaned out inside and out. 009033

I really have to stop taking sideways pictures. Sorry about that.

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