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We’ve been in business for three years. January we will be going into our fourth year. When you own your own business you learn a lot. Mostly by trial and error. Yes, we spent money on advertisement which deemed unnecessary. But we learned, “Okay, not doing that again.”

One day in our earlier years a client liked us so much, she went onto Angie’s List and wrote a magnificent review. I had no idea about Angie’s List at the time. Since then, several other clients have also written very kind reviews with absolutely no coaxing from us. In fact I only think about it when it shows up in my email and I check so I can promptly reply.

Now I have not yet paid for advertisement on Angie’s List, yet many people see us on there from our client reviews. When I ask a client how they had heard about our services, I usually hear, “On the internet.” “I Googled Junk Removal.” “A friend recommended you.” and “I saw you on Angie’s List.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, many salespeople have phoned us from Angie’s list and requested we go on as paying customers. Something I have been thinking about. However, they are honest with why they are calling. Messages always state their name and they are from Angie’s List. They almost always state why they are calling. Whether to inform us of a new review, or to subscribe, or to make corrections.

Now, this can not be said for Home Advisor. Home Advisor has also contacted me many times. However, they never state who they are working for. Instead they say their name, mention a job for us, and then leave a local number. Of course I believe this is a customer. I’m not sure if this is the company standard or poor judgement on the salespeople they hire.

Recently a salesperson from Home Advisor called and left his name, number and said he had some trash-outs for us.  I called back in a very short period of time and got an answering machine, also not stating the company. He did not return my call for a few days, and then when he called back, we constantly played phone tag. I felt bad because I could not reach this potential customer. I spent a week doing this back and forth. Finally, I saw his name, I actually put his name in my contact list so I would not miss his call again. Come to find out he is selling Home Advisor. Really? I was polite and explained I was not interested, but I really was steaming. Why should I waste so much of my precious time calling this person back who made himself seem like a customer? This is not the first time this has happened with them, but it is the first time it went on so long.

I am not very familiar with the way things work at that company, but correct me if I’m wrong, we pay them by lead, and that means whether or not we get that lead. So if someone calls for a service we do not do, we have to pay. If someone calls from out of our area, we have to pay, etc…

This is just my feelings on this subject, but when we are ready to pay a company to list us, it will not be Home Advisor. We run our business on trust and not on being deceitful. I would rather give our money to Angie’s List.

Please note, this Blog is my personal opinion regarding a recent experience. 

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