Our Unique Website


Those of you who have visited our website must find it a bit unusual. I’m hoping in a good way. I have all the information regarding J & H Junk Removal readily available including what we do, hours of operation, payment methods, etc…

I was going to hire a company to create this brilliant website but that is a bit on the pricey side and a I saw friends who had done just that. They lost their personality in the website. One friend hired an outside web designer and there was nothing of her in it. They had actors on the front page who were using equipment she doesn’t use.

Another friend went to a web designer who knew her, that one had her personality in it and it starred her, not some strangers no one will ever meet. I must say they did a good job for my friend. But that is not always the case.

We are a small company, who at this time only operate locally in Flagler and part of Volusia counties. We don’t need to be global. So, I decided to try my hand at our website. There you go. www.jandhjunkremoval.com was born.

What makes it special? What makes it my baby? Not, only is it about us as a company and family, but it’s about Flagler County. I am into Social Media. I love sharing things people want to share, such as what is going on in town and at the beach. I love to share new businesses, restaurants and shops. So, I started a page on our website called “Around Town.” http://www.jandhjunkremoval.com/around_town.html


On this page I share the Chamber Calendar of the month, any pertinent information such as to change your clocks,  I add any events coming up in the next couple of months I receive through emails or social media. So, if you have something, especially with a picture, email or Facebook it to me. I will see if I can get it on our page.

On our “Home Page,” I have the weather channel so you can click on that and see what it is going to be like today or during the week. I have a few excerpts, and of course slideshows of what we do. A picture speaks a thousand word.

On the “Home,” page and the “Around Town,” page each day I have a cartoon about what day of the week it is,( just in case you happen to forget it’s Friday), and a new quote of the day. I love visiting my website every morning and sharing it on Social Media.

Of course we have a “Photo,” page and a “Video,” page which is more about Palm Coast, than J & H Junk Removal, LLC  because I can’t take a video on a job while I’m working.

Landfill or Donate?

Where Does It go?

We have a “References,” page, and “About,” page and the typical things you will see on a website. We also have a “Business News,” page, which I do not write, but from time to time, I do see an interesting article which I will post for others to enjoy.

“Newspaper articles about J & H Junk Removal and us are there for you to read.


Last but not least is our, you guessed it, “BLOG,” page, which you have just found this nifty article.

I hope you have time to explore our website and especially our home and around town pages. You can find out where and when the next grand opening or ribbon cutting is and support local businesses. So stop by and enjoy. Every day will be a little bit different.

Thank you

Heidi Tassone

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